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Finally Revealed: A PROVEN System To Lose Weight, Create Miracles, Attract Love, and Get Deliciously Happy in record time so you can enjoy the freedom you desire and the LOVE and vitality you deserve, while learning to nourish yourself with healing foods, and mind, body, and soul wisdom to create your rich and juicy life. This is all the weight loss and transformation secrets that no one is sharing - expect us!

The BodyLove Diet is the ultimate reinvention for any woman who really wants to heal her body and fine tune her inner Miracle Manifestation Queen!

Hello, Gorgeous Girl
Let me guess.

You’re obsessed about your weight and the way you look.

You jump from one diet to another and feel like you’ve been losing the same weight for decades, and each time you have even more weight to lose. It’s crazy!

You, my lovely friend, are trapped in a body war and you’re on a diet treadmill to nowhere except struggle and the blues. You feel confused, exhausted—you’re over it!

Because when you view yourself through the lens of your physical being, it can be painful. In order to have vibrant health and a deeper love, you need to acknowledge your spirit and move beyond the body!

Do you want to live with:
  • A loving, pleasurable, guilt free relationship with food?
  • The rocking body that you’ve always dreamed of without crazy eating plans and exercise regimes?
  • Consistent high energy that lasts the day?
  • An inner glow that radiates through all parts of your life?
  • A life free from body hate?
  • Amazing confidence, clarity, intuitive powers, and rock solid self-love?
  • Manifestation powers to get what desire?

That’s what the BodyLove Diet program is all about: helping you enter a fun, pleasure-filled paradigm free of pain around food and your body as you reconnect with your soul, beauty, and power as a woman.

The Juicy Details
The BodyLove Diet is a ground-breaking program by me, Ingrid Arna, and Marc David, dedicated to sublime, sassy, and sensual living. The strategies shared are the solution every woman needs to lose weight and keep it off without living a life of struggle, guilt, and sacrifice. We’ve discovered the cure to DELICIOUS weight loss and wellness darlings!

It’s the proven pathway to feed your soul and rock a totally shiny you!

The ‘no pain- no gain’ motto is OUT and the new divalicious, pleasure train is IN!

This program goes way beyond body transformation. Not only have our clients lost a lot of physical weight but they’ve had massive income raises, attracted new business partners, received career promotions, healed their marriages, and attracted loving relationships. Pretty groovy, right? NOW you can too!

But you MUST first embrace this bold truth:

There is nothing wrong with YOU or YOUR BODY!
You’re NOT missing some DNA strand that keeps you from losing weight and capturing the delicious happiness you want. That’s exactly what I contemplated when I couldn’t lose weight. I was in enormous pain. I got super skinny for a second and then got hooked on diet pills, ate foods I thought were ‘healthy’, and became bulimic. Finally, my metabolism hit rock bottom and I did too.

I then started to gain weight and couldn’t figure what the BLEEP was going down! It was a nightmare. I had starved myself from the age of 12 and my body and soul were totally freaking out.

At my lowest point I prayed and the word “Bodylove” came to me. IT became my mantra, my passion, and my complete purpose.

My own journey to BodyLove has had many stages of healing and transformation and has freed me from judgment, binge eating, chronic exhaustion, food fear, and body hate. I totally reinvented and healed my body and my spirit.

You see here’s the divine truth my friend: Love evolves when you evolve. Your body heals when you heal. Your money grows as you grow. And once you hop off of that diet treadmill, you can start doing all these and more. I’ll show you how!

The life-changing benefits you can expect from this course:
  • Discover how to eat for pleasure and beauty, making you happy, youthful, sassy and slender
  • Why the foods you’re eating are wrong for your unique body, and what you should be eating to lose the weight and keep it off
  • The biggest saboteur of your weight loss efforts and how to beat it
  • How to shift your body shape without constant exercise
  • Why food deprivation is never the answer and what makes you store FAT
  • How to forge a deep connection to your inner spirit and higher wisdom
  • The proven methods to eating for true body and soul satisfaction
  • Discover the one thing you must to if you want to release weight and body image struggles while relishing in a nourishing experience with food and nutrition
  • The reason you aren’t seeing the results you want and how to make changes now
“The BodyLove Diet program seriously blew my mind. After suffering with body image and constantly obsessing over what I ate I feel like a new woman. The BodyLove Diet is NOT too good to be true. It’s the real deal and finally after a decade of struggle I feel happy and at peace with myself. I am falling in love with my body and food, and I have to tell you I look better and my relationship with my husband is getting more loved up by the day. The program is pure soul transformation.”
- Hannah Millerick, Photographer
“Ingrid’s program brings back sanity to health, body wisdom and effortless weight loss. She is truly a pioneer in her field. I see women struggle every day with weight and self-confidence in Hollywood, including famous actresses. Finally Ingrid has devised a sensational system that starts from within…leading to lasting health and real beauty.”
- Dr. Philip Goglia, celebrity nutritionist and TV Expert
Who is the Bodylove Diet for?

The BodyLove Diet program is for every woman who wants to have rocking energy and a super body without deprivation and crazy-assed tactics that only age you and make you feel crappy.

At BodyLove we’ve revolutionized the meaning of the word DIET:

Are YOU TOTALLY DONE with trying to lose weight on fad diets that don’t work?

Then you’re ready be become a Miracle Manifestation Queen so you can energetically wield your desires and get what you want!

       From the moments I started working with Ingrid my life changed radically. My cholesterol is down and my blood sugars are fantastic which is just astouding considering I was borderline diabetic before I started. I have lost 5kg and I feel amazing! The BodyLove Diet is an awakening and a precious gift.”

“I effortlessly lost 7 kilos (about 18 pounds) on this program eating so much food and finally got over my deep emotional issues with my family and men. I am now dating a divine guy who treats me like the Queen I am. Before the BodyLove Diet, I had my love life and my food and self-image all backwards. I was in enormous pain and I couldn’t find a way out of it. The BodyLove Diet taught me how to own my divine power and I am truly grateful. I now have a new man in my life who is amazing and life has become pretty incredible or as Ingrid would say ‘juicy’.”
- Amanda Roberts, Sales Associate
Knowing how to clear and release your emotional ‘junk in the trunk’ and then tap into the desire of what you truly want is one of the most powerful and delicious practises you can master. Not only does it transform your body but your mind, soul, relationships, sensual power, feminine connection, and your prosperity.
What you’ll get to start rockin’ your life now!
Instant delivery of the digital format makes this soul-infused program easy to digest and implement. The BodyLove Diet is learning made easy for women on the run who like to have FUN!

You’ll receive:
  • 5 hours of recordings with Ingrid and Marc in MP3 format perfect for your iPod, iPhone or computer
  • 5 juicy videos just like watching a TV show created especially for your transformation
  • Recipes and a delicious meal plan
  • Kick-ass worksheets to raise your ensure that you become a manifestation super power
  • A gorgeously designed e-book full of beauty foods and myth busting weight loss discoveries to fast track your transformation

You also get to join an exclusive Facebook group that will support you to greatness along with virtual coaching from me.

It's time to rock your body, mind and soul my friend, so you freakin’ claim your destiny and raise your vibe baby to attract everything you want with fabulosity!


The Phycology of Eating + The BodyLove Diet = Mega Watt Transformation
It’s a juicy combo of science, nutrition, energy healing, and the psychology of eating baby!

Marc David is an über renowned nutritionist, best-selling author, and founder of the groundbreaking school The Psychology of Eating. He's been featured on TV and in heaps of magazines including the following outlets:

And I’m Ingrid Arna, (also known as Ms. BodyLove), super coach and holistic health activist, and founder of the BodyLove Diet. I’ve been featured in

I get turned on by helping women turn up the volume on their inner Queen so they can rock their destiny and make juicy shizz happen.

Marc David and I have fused together the extraordinary super stylin’ BodyLove healing philosophy with Marc’s Psychology of Eating brilliance to create the most revolutionary program for a healthy body and life.

Course Outline Baby!

JUICY MP3 Audio Recordings: The Master Class recordings below will become an essential part of your success library for years to come. Feelin’ like a tune up? All you need to do is put on your iPod and relax with a dose of love, rich with sassy strategy to get you back into the zone in no time.

BodyLove Diet Master Class #1:
Divine Feminine Transformation Rocks: A New Beginning, Delicious Weight Loss, Miracles & Soul Beauty! Discover the following:

  • Secrets the diet industry doesn’t want you to know
  • How to use the healing power of LOVE to transform your body
  • The one thing you must stop doing if you want to lose weight and heal your body whilst deepening your relationship with your inner Goddess
  • The three things you need to do to become a fat burning machine
  • How to get out of your weight funk both physically and spiritually
  • The truth about body bashing and why most diets don’t work
  • The highest quality nutrient no one has told you about, that will help give you the results you crave
  • Learn how to cultivate a revolutionary mind for a body, food, and soul makeover
  • Discover how to lose weight with more pleasure, fun, and peace baby!
  • Why you’re REALLY tired and how to triple your energy
  • Why wanting to be adored is powerful and how to use it to radically improve your well-being and intimacy in your life
  • How to use the law of creation to manifest your sexy and radiant new body
  • The LOVE MAGNET Principles and the power of attraction

BodyLove Diet Master Class #2:
THE PLEASURE & BEAUTY EIXIR: How to pray, embody, detox and shake your booty to radiant health and sassy confidence!

  • How to tune into body wisdom, shamanic wisdom, and your inner warrior
  • Why excessive exercise is making you fat and how to break the cycle
  • Learn how to stop absorbing the energy of others and attract friendships full of love and support
  • How to stop your inner bitch from running your life - for good!
  • The number one reason you’re still carrying that extra weight
  • Why pleasure is imperative to a hotter, fat-burning metabolism
  • What you need for natural and powerful weight loss made simple

BodyLove Diet Master Class #3:
I AM A FOXY DEVA: Ditch The Scales, Own Your Desires, Super Charge Your Metabolism & Get a Juicy Life Baby

  • The revolutionary method that will get you off of the diet treadmill forever
  • How to use fun to attract more abundance, beauty, and love in your life
  • The secret to ending pain and embracing love so you can jive and flow with the beauty of life
  • How to end the body war and revolutionize your relationship with food
  • Discover how to be the creator of your destiny and your body
  • The secret to contributing to the health of the world and healing your dearest relationships
  • The key to shape-shifting and boosting your metabolic power so you can eat more without gaining weight
  • Why divine timing is so important and how to trust yourself and life 100%
  • The blueprint to your rockin’ new body - finally ending calorie counting, struggle and hopping off the scales forever
  • The one thing you must do to attract more love and juicy sensuality

BodyLove Diet Master Class #4
BE THE GODDESS MANIFESTION QUEEN: Clear the Junk In Your Trunk, Tap Into Your Inner GPS & Get Your Manifestation Mojo Back on Track!

  • The best way to heal your food, weight, and body woes
  • The hidden link between your body and how you experience life
  • The secret to becoming physically lighter and creating a new experience with food, sensuality, and the divine feminine power
  • The master key to energetically release weight
  • The full proof system to manifest and receive with delicious ease and delight
  • The six-step plan to tapping into your divine intuition so you can follow the wisdom of your body and soul
  • The secret to developing a connection to your spirit for deep and lasting healing
  • The number one beauty and metabolic elixir that you must master
  • Why owning your desire and soul’s purpose are so important to releasing weight
  • Discover how to heal instantly without validation or permission - this is a pure groovy freedom technique
  • How to detox and liberate yourself from energy vampires that might be making you F.A.T - Freaked out, Angry, and Tired!
  • The real reason you’re storing weight and feeling depressed and stressed out
  • How to become your very own super power, allowing you to follow your dreams and fulfill your destiny


The Core Elements of The BodyLove Diet Soul & Nutrition Method = Deep Lasting Healing and Transformation!

Nutritional Therapy
Food healing, vitamins, amino acids, superfoods, youthful longevity, assimilation and digestion, Pleasure Priestess Archetype™, metabolism and nourishment.
Body Detox & Reinvention
Physical and cellular healing, release, weight loss, shape shifting, immunity boosting, sensuality and sexuality, movement, hormone balancing, detox and self-love.
Spirituality & Soul Healing
Trauma release, spiritual awareness, soul connection, mother earth therapy, intuitive wisdom and higher consciousness.
Love & Relationship Makeover
Opening the heart chakra to love, intimacy and connection. Clearing vows, chords, threads, contracts, obligations, energy drains and drama.
Mind Evolution
Overhauling mind dis-ease, reprogramming beliefs and recalibrating energy, emotional transformation, the Visionary Vixen Archetype ™ and creative genius.
Money & Miracles Mojo
New consciousness in prosperity, business, feminine entrepreneurship, law of attraction, self-worth and self-value, the CEO Archetype™co-creation and co-partnerships and she-empire principles for creative, soul infused careers.


Your BodyLove Diet Investment - 4 Easy Monthly Payments

You are your biggest asset. So when it came to putting a value on BodyLove Diet, we wanted to make it as accessible as possible for the women who truly need it.

INVEST in yourself. Your greatest commodity is YOU. Take a leap of faith and back yourself fully. You see lovely one, the universe loves courage and will shower you will love and prosperity.

How much is it worth to you to feel amazing, to look amazing, but most importantly to have vibrant health so you have the strength to achieve your life’s purpose and to fully receive the pleasures of life?

Value Breakdown

The Four Master Audio Classes, Video Training and Work Books: The four module formula has taken me over 15 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn, refine and package, not to mention the thirty years of expertise that Marc David brings to this life-changing program. Previously my programs have only been available via VIP coaching programs with a start up investment of $5,000.

($5,000.00 Value)

BodyLove Babe Community aka Your Instant Global Goddess Family: Score access to a global community of women so you can learn, share and grow together! This is a private group for course babes only!

($1,000.00 Value)

BodyLove Diet Q & A: Ask me questions, get feedback and feel the love and continued support. The only other coaching that I do is private work starting at $5,000.00 to $15,000.00 for my programs.

($2,000.00 Value)

Total BodyLove Diet Value $8,000.00

But YOUR BodyLove Diet Investment is ONLY 4 Monthly Payments of $49.00
Click here to score your new rocking' BODY NOW!

Still unsure?
Test Drive BodyLove Diet for 60 days - 100 % RISK FREE.

We know you’ll love BodyLove Diet but for any reason after 60 days of purchase you don’t like the program we’ll refund your money. *
So, are you in?
Are you ready to raise your vibration to a whole new rock chick dimension? It’s electrifying!

But here’s the key - you MUST have a flourishing garden overflowing with the flowers of self-love, trust, inner peace and clarity. Once you’ve got those watered and lush, manifesting what you desire is100% POSSIBLE!

The weight is just a symptom of waiting.

WAITING to be good enough.
WAITING for approval.
WAITING to be thinner.
WAITING to be smarter or more financially secure.

It’s all a myth, a lie, and an excuse that keeps you trapped in struggle and pain.

We are going to teach you how to leave the old, struggle mantra behind to create a whole new way of living and receiving in the world.

                 Author, BodyLove Diet CEO, Holistic Health Deva & Rich Chick Business Coach
                 Founder of the Institute of The Psychology of Eating and Best Selling Author
Marc David is a renowned visionary nutritionist, eating psychology expert, and best-selling author of two classic books, Nourishing Wisdom and The Slow Down Diet. He has held senior consulting positions at Canyon Ranch Resorts, the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, the Johnson & Johnson Corporation, and the Disney Company. Marc is the founder of the internationally acclaimed school, The Institute for the Psychology of Eating. The Institute is the world’s first and only teaching organization dedicated to a forward thinking, positive, holistic approach to nutritional psychology. Unique and revolutionary in its approach, IPE teaches students and professionals how to effectively work with the most common eating challenges of our times in their premier Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training. You can learn more about Marc here: www.psychologyofeating.com

“If you think this program is too good to be true… it’s NOT. When you’ve been trapped for years or decades in any type of body war, reading about the BodyLove Diet program might seem hard to believe…the idea that you can heal so profoundly, quickly and with a sense of true power and deep love. Ingrid offers a complete life transformation. The BodyLove Diet covers nutrition, relationship, spirituality, emotions, metaphysics, passion and even prosperity. It’s NOT just about weight loss or ending your body and food issues. Ingrid showed me how to become my own healer, doctor, lover and parent. I used to experience chronic fear. I didn’t trust myself nor did I believe that the BodyLove Diet would work for me. Now, there is much less self-loathing and a lot more self-love. The fear around putting on a few kilos has almost completely disappeared. Sometimes, I catch myself, and out loud I will say, “I am so gorgeous,” and it blows my mind. I look better than I have in years but most importantly, the way I think and feel about my body has changed completely. I’ve discovered that healing doesn’t start with the body. You have to begin from within, starting with spiritual transformation. The BodyLove Diet is just flat out fabulous.”
- Hannah Millerick/ Photographer
“The BodyLove Diet program is soul-infused juicy alchemy at its best. It gets to the root of your issues, and lights up your entire life with love. ”
- Mikaela Jones/ Author The Little Book Of Light
“Ingrid is a ray of inspiration, a true leader of courage, love and kick-ass strategies that will radically heal your life. This program goes way beyond food and nutrition and incorporates spirituality, miracles and the radically healing power of love. I now have a more trusting, calm and juicy attitude towards food, my body and my relationships. I got over my addiction to sugar and bread, I feel more confident, I launched a new business and I look about six years younger too. Bonus!”
- Diana Den Houdijker/ CEO, Event Manager
“Four weeks ago I began the BodyLove Diet, and to say that my life has changed is an understatement. I have always loved good food and wine to the point where I was drinking wine at least 6 nights a week. At 44 I have stuck to an eating plan that is truly nourishing, for the very first time in over a decade. My skin glows, I feel great and I have lost four kilos (9 pounds) without fads or deprivation. Now I still enjoy beautiful food whilst enjoying wine in moderation two nights per week. ”
- Bridget, Human Resource Executive and Mother
Working with Ingrid has changed my life. She taught me how to leave all my pain in the past and to start fresh with a new set of eyes built from self-love and self-acceptance. I spent so many years on diets and trying to fight who I was, my energy and adrenals were exhausted from all the struggle, and I had hit a point in my life where I knew I needed something big to change how I was living.
With the BodyLove Diet, my eating and emotions have had a massive overhaul. The food I now eat nourishes my body, mind and soul and I never feel deprived whatsoever. I am amazed. This is how I will continue to eat for the rest of my life & I love it.

I have lost 6 kilos (12 pounds) without even trying and have got my confidence back to do all the things that I used to enjoy in my life. I feel a sense of lightness now where there was once struggle and it’s an amazing feeling. It has been the platform that I needed to create the confidence to now follow my own dreams and know that I can succeed at anything I try, self-doubt has finally left me for good.

Anyone who feels stuck, unhappy and has a real drive to change what needs changing, must work with Ingrid, she will rock your world and give you the confidence to rock it yourself, lots of love and praise to you Ing.
- Amanda, Sales Executive
“Thanks for teaching me the right way to eat. There are very few nutritionists who are flipping the food pyramid upside down (to where it should be!) to teach clients the way our body is designed to thrive. You have given me the confidence to trust in how my body feels rather than listening to what accepted nutrition says is ‘right.’ When I am hungry, I eat! I don’t question why I am hungry. I love your book and feel more calm and grounded, my training has improved and I am focused on my goal of competing in the Common Wealth Games.”
- Jess MacDonald, 18 year old triathlete
“After following the BodyLove Diet principles not only did I lose a lot of weight but I healed my relationship with my boyfriend. He asked me to marry him! Before the program, I felt incredibly unsure about my ability at work. Within three weeks of starting the program, I got offered a huge promotion, I got to travel to New York and became a makeup trainer for our global company. I will never allow my weight to get in the way of my success again. I literally had my CEO and colleagues continually praise me and tell me how beautiful I am. They constantly ask me what I’ve done and I just smile. The relationship with my family has improved dramatically too. They’ve harassed me about my weight since I was a little girl. When I first started the program, I was so distraught about it. The program taught me how to set boundaries and not to listen to people who have no clue about healthy weight loss and true well-being. Ingrid and The BodyLove Diet have given me back my mojo. I am now going to try to fall pregnant which is a first for me due to my endometriosis, my weight and hormonal issues. The BodyLove Diet eating plan has taught me how to eat and I finally feel like I have my body and weight sorted. “
- Tina, Make up Artist
Wow, wow, wow…I was blown away by Ingrid’s private program! Her level of intuition and the visionary messages she gave me with regards to my fears and my business, was like nothing I have ever experienced before. I feel so blessed that I have discovered the genius of Miss Ingrid!
- Elle B, Fashion Designer
“I feel radically free! After decades of food and body image woes, I have finally worked out how to feed my body! It’s an awakening into self-love! I lost four kilos too!”
- Dominique Rizzo, celebrity chef
“If you want a rocking program that is INTUITIVE, EMPOWERING, VISIONARY, and full of ELECTRIC ENERGY you must get on the BodyLove Diet. I lost 10 kilos and met the love of my life. The BodyLove Diet program is my miracle secret. ”
- Cassandra, Web Designer
* IMPORTANT NOTE: We require that you complete your homework from each master class before we refund your money. Why? Because we know that if you do, the BodyLove Diet will work. It’s that simple. It’s the method and action combined that gets results. If you do the work and don’t get value, then we don’t deserve your money and we’ll cheerfully refund you.

All products are delivered electronically via direct download after payment. All audio files are delivered in MP3 format which can be played by software built into most modern computers, phones and tablets. All bonus written material is delivered in pdf format which can be opened using Adobe Acrobat Reader, or opened directly using built in software on most modern computers, phones and tablets. The transcript bonus files are provided in a .zip format to allow for easy downloading. This file can be opened using software built into most modern operating systems, or using a program called winzip. Although the Bodylove Diet multimedia program is charged in four easy monthly payments, access to all of the content is available immediately for download.

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If you have any questions, you can contact us via email at sales@bodylovediet.com.